Team Challenges

Maximize your students’ problem-solving and decision-making skills with this series of physical and mental challenges, and gain both personal and team insights through intensive teamwork.


Teams are led through a series of activity stations: each takes 15 - 30 minutes including a discussion about how to maximize individual involvement, plan effectively, and which leadership and participation roles work best.

Participants walk across cable bridges, negotiate giant ladders or walk the tight-rope as they overcome personal fears and develop new self confidence.

The purpose of these challenges is to get students out of their comfort zones and challenge them to think “outside the box” and take risks for solutions. Our elements promote character education through experiential learning which is then transferred to the classroom.


We begin by introducing the Responsibility Contract. We will stress the following values:

  1. Listen to the Instructor;
  2. Keep everyone safe;
  3. Work together for a common goal;
  4. Respect different strengths and weaknesses;
  5. Everyone deserves to have fun.

Everyone will sign the contract. We will revisit the values throughout the activities and talk about consequences.

Students reconvene to highlight any learnings and take-aways from their experiences during the Team Performance Challenges. The facilitator leads them through a final discussion about how these new experiences will shape the way the team interacts in the future.

You'll be surprised at how well your students CAN work together!
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