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Vehicle For Change is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing outstanding experiential educational opportunities for young people. We strive to make each learning experience relevant, fun and engaging for each student, to enable them to promote their perceptions of themselves as proactive and empowered problem-solvers within their community and innovators capable of changing the world.

Here are links to our Programs & Services:

Adventure Education

Leadership, Character & Physical Education Programs using adventure activities to engage and inspire. The purpose of these challenges is to get students out of their comfort zones and challenge them to think “outside the box” and take risks for solutions.
School Hydroponic Gardens

Help Us Grow

School Gardening engages students by providing a dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn.
STEM & Coding Classes

KidsKode aims to teach children aged 6 - 14 the basics of coding, technology, robotics and design. Empowering kids to become the creators & innovators, and not just consumers, of technology.